Treating a cavity involves removing the infected portion of the tooth and replacing it with a filling material. This is commonly referred to as a filling. When considering fillings, there are two widely used choices in the material to be used.

Resin Composites (“Tooth Colored Fillings”) are getting better and better as the dental community continues to develop new materials. The newer composites have properties that are excellent and are very close to matching the longevity of the classic amalgams. The obvious benefit to resin composites is enhanced cosmetics and esthetics. With a wide range of shades, our doctors can match the color of your teeth and make your fillings blend in to where they are not noticeable when you smile or talk.

Amalgams (“Silver Fillings”) are being used less and less by dentists and patients due to demands for esthetics and a perceived health hazard. However, numerous scientific studies and FDA evaluations have concluded amalgam to be safe and have no connection to adverse effects on a patient’s health. It is an excellent restoration material and has very good durability and longevity. There are some instances in which amalgam is clearly the best treatment option and our doctors will provide you with the information you need to make the decision if amalgam would be right for you.


Crowns (“Caps”) are placed over the entire visible portion of the tooth to restore the full shape, look and function of a weak or broken down tooth. Teeth can break down for several reasons including extensive decay, tooth fracture, or severe wear. In addition, a tooth may become weakened by old worn out large fillings or cracks. Crowns are commonly recommended in such cases to prevent painful or non-restorable tooth fracture. A special point needs to be made about teeth that are weakened by Root Canal Treatment. A crown is almost always recommended in such cases to protect your investment that you made to keep your tooth.

There are several options when it comes to the materials used to make the crown. These include; all gold, porcelain with a metal core, and the increasingly popular all porcelain. Each type has advantages and disadvantages and the decision of which type to use is a balance between strength and esthetics. Our doctors will help you choose which type of crown is right for you.


When teeth are non-restorable and unfortunately need to be removed, you may consider replacing it with a dental implant. Dental implants have been around for decades and with recent improvements in the materials used we are experiencing incredibly high success rates. An implant is a crown placed on top of an implanted post that is fixed in your mouth, meaning it is not removable. It is an excellent restorative option for replacing both single and multiple missing teeth. In addition, implants are commonly used as a solution to help stabilize complete or partial dentures.

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